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JujuB's Info

Im only happy when it rains

Junko 'Jubilee' Derek
17 November
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Cause I'm here, ready to take it all here
Everything's feeling unclear
I wish it was raining
Cause I hate every beautiful day

Name: Junko 'Jubilee' Derek ... I go by JujuB and Jubi..DONT CALL ME JUBJUB i will be extremely pissed at you

Blood Line: Pureblood

Family: Mother ~ Deceased, Father ~ Deceased, Lives with Uncle Jackie Derek

School Status: Gryffindor, House Chaser

Stats: Black Hair, Dark Eyes, Japanese, Short.

Personality: Fiesty, Brave, Doesnt take crap, has a soft side, is an Optimist.

Sexuality: Straight

Usually Wearing: Capris or bellbottoms, Saddle shoes, striped low-cut shirts, or black low-cut, the kind that falls around your shoulders. Studded Belts, red or black in color. Anklets made of multi colored string, and jelly bracelets around her wrists. Almost always with dangly or hoop earings. Always during the winter,if not in school robes, wearing a green peacoat or one of her several black dusters

Tattoos or Piercings: Ears pierced, belly button pieced. Dragon fly on her left ankle, and a small oriental dragon going across her shoulder blades.

Broomstick: Nimbus 2001... Uncle Jackie bought it for her when she turned 15

Pets: White Rat named Renee and a Family owl Trina

Nervous Habits: Picks at her ever present crimson red nail polish

Favorite Colors: Red and Black

Favorite Classes: Transfiguration, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts

Least Favorite Classes: Potions, Divination, Herbology

Interests: Dueling, Quidditch, Swimming, Kick Boxing

Favorite Candy: Ice Mice and Pepper Imps!

Friends: Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Seamus Finnagin, Hannah Abbott, Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley

Enemies: Anyone with a snake on their robe

About Jubilee: She is fiesty and punky, her take no prisoners attitude usually turns off guys and friends alike, but she hates being kicked around. Loves to fight for the underdog, always there for her friends and even some enemies, hates to see someone cry. Denies when she herself is sad, hopes to help others with her advice and is a good listener.

Family History: Mother died giving birth to her, her father soon after got killed by Death eaters. Lives with her Uncle Jackie who works for the Department of Mysteries.. he is an Unspeakable

Past Loves: Dated Colin Creevey once on a dare, they dated for a month before his constant chatter just made her want to cold clock him. Other then that no one...

Future: Wants to be an Auror and bring Honor back to her family's name.

PB: Ziyi Zhang

Gryffindor is love.